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  • Very positive – what this service did was help us take our somewhat nebulous pricing ideas, based largely on cost-plus or “market-led-gut-feel” thinking, and put some expertise and rigour behind them. It was also useful in helping us identify reasons why our product may or may not be worth a given amount due to a number of market considerations we may have downplayed. The service was fast, easy to navigate and gave us the guidance we wanted – thank you!

    Troy Forrest
  • We used Pricing Prophets on two of our products. It was a real gift to have experts, who really represent the Market, give feedback about our site, products and pricing. We are absolutely delighted and grateful to them, not only for their professional feedback, but for their interest and dedication to customer service.

    Patti Wolf
  • This process clarified a number of pricing issues we had and gave us some great ideas on how to do our pricing more competitively and with a lot more confidence. Thanks Jon for all your help.

    Wendy Thomson
  • Great. Good to have someone to walk me through it all too. Thanks Jon

    Cam Lee
  • We were very confident in our product but what we were not confident of was the price point. Our Success Through Stories Online coaching program was quite unique so determining a price based on similiar products was proving almost impossible. After using Pricing Prophets, an extremely difficult decision around the pricing of our product was made simple. The feedback from the experts was more in depth than I anticipated and the ‘after-advice’ from Jon has guided us in other important business decisions. I guess pricing is a bit like storytelling in that there is a hell of a lot more to it than you think.

    Gabrielle Dolan One Thousand & One
  • I thought the questions were thorough and gave me a good opportunity to explain my product so that the experts had the best possible chance to price it properly. The experts clearly know what they are talking about and obviously put serious consideration to their detailed and educated responses. It exceeded my expectations.

    David Mackay Lottimont Pty Ltd
  • PricingProphets was a great experience. Ours is a new product, and no similar service product existed, it became very important to get the best possible pricing which maximises profits but still is sustainable. I also received a good amount of unbiased and objective feedback from the experts and it strengthened my reasoning to go for a specific pricing supported by logic and experience from a wider group of experts.

    Mahadevan Tracking Service Product Co-Founder Company Name: Confidentiality Requested
  • I want to thank you. Thanks to your wonderful session I have increased my prices by 65% and have plans to increase it further as the value propositions come into fruition. And I have further defined what I offer and put it into outcome/benefit focused lucrative offers (3 of course!). I learnt stacks from you in an hour.

    Tricia Barrett The Ideas Lady
  • Exceptional Value for money, and I would probably use it again in the new year to focus more on sales process, the POS and reviewing our numbers for the first few months.

    Cory Becker Snag's Healthy Sausages
  • Very positive, arrived on time, went above and beyond in providing helpful advice for my business, great pricing advice and even offered networking opportunities as well as future follow up.

    Viktoria Komornik Company Name: Confidentiality Requested
  • Excellent. An extremely solid understanding of Pricing strategies that can be applied in many different ways. Jon provided provided me with a range of innovative concepts to test & implement in our business. A great mental stimulant that was very much needed. Thanks Jon.

    Anon. Client requested confidentiality
  • Jon was really knowledgeable and a great help in giving me clarity over pricing structures. I am going to tweak my proposed pricing structure a little based on the feedback from Jon.”

    He made really made the effort to understand where I am at and meet me there. His examples made so much sense to me. Loved his passion.” 

    Jon brought timely fintech advice, and had strong opinions on revenue model/pricing”

    Blackbird Giants, Participants in Cohort 4, Mar 2022 to Jun 2022
  • “10/10 – He is very knowledgeable about pricing and also sent me some resources. Based on this chat I’ll interview more customers to get feedback on the pricing model.”
    “9/10 – Jon provided great actionable advice to help me with my pricing. He gave good advice on the order of pricing packages on my web page, and helped me to re-structure the way I think about pricing going forward.”
    “10/10 – Jon was able to help me with understanding two different models, the one I approached for my pilot and what to consider. He also gave me an introduction to a PR person in Melbourne who is a target customer and may help me with my approach. This discussion was very specific to my product and pricing and validating my approach to this and in readiness for a future product. He also validated that subscription pricing is out the door for B2C :)”
    Blackbird Giants, Participants in Cohort 3, Nov 2021 to Feb 2022
  • “Jon shares with you his many years of success and experience in the difficult (some would say mysterious!) world of pricing. Thinking about the many challenges I have faced with pricing in education, scientific instruments, textiles, tourism, consulting, hardware and software when reading this wonderful book, I thought to myself, “I wish this was written when I first started last century!” As an entrepreneur and educator, Jon’s book passes the two vital tests of being very practical and immediately useful. If you want to go to market and stay in the market, you must get your pricing right. With this book and access to Jon’s global network, you will be on your way to enter, survive and thrive. I recommend the book to you as an essential resource for your business.”​

    Marcus Powe Marcus Powe on "Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification: Valuing and Monetizing Products and Services"
  • ​”Whatever you pay for this book, the value you receive will way exceed it. Jon has mastered the art of translating the usually dry maths of pricing, into the magic science of persuasion. Watch your revenue grow immediately after reading and implementing the strategies inside. Mine did!” ​

    Wade Kingsley The Ideas Business, on "Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification: Valuing and Monetizing Products and Services"
  • “Demystifying pricing and value interconnection. A wonderful example of of how to make something complex easy to understand with powerful examples and tips to improve and experiment. Worth more than one read. A gem of a book”.

    Ernest Stabek on "Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification: Valuing and Monetizing Products and Services"
  • “Excellent, clear, easy to read guide to understanding the art and science of pricing. The book shows how any business can think more clearly about pricing and come up with a better pricing strategy using the “value based pricing canvas” outlined in the book. Lots of short, simple chapters with great pricing examples and tips. It will only take 1 hour to read and you will get tons of value out of it as a result”.

    Mark Peacock Founder/MD of PriceMaker, on "Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification: Valuing and Monetizing Products and Services"
  • “Excellent read with lots of very helpful tips. Also highlights some of the pitfalls to avoid. I would recommend anyone involved in pricing buy it and read it”.

    Richard Smith on "Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification: Valuing and Monetizing Products and Services"

    Practical, useful, on point advice. Followed up with additional materials we can work through

    It was very productive session with Jon. Using every minute of the session we were able to discuss all the questions we planned.

    Highly relevant skills & experience, very helpful.

    Blackbird Giants, Participants in Cohort 6, Feb 2023 to May 2023
  • Firstly the questions he asked me showed that he was critically thinking about my businesses challenges so I felt that the advice given wasn’t any sort of blanket solution, but extremely tailored to the situation I’m in. He also gave good indicators of process to follow. An extra perk of the experience that I’m finding really valuable is that as Jon has also done a masterclass for Giants, he was able to cover a lot of ground in our sessions but then I can actually go off and extend the personalised insights and recommendations with that resource so he doesn’t have to waste time explaining those things everyone needs to know, which adds a lot of support as I go to implement his learnings and match that back with what I need to focus on uniquely.

    Blackbird Giants, Participants in Cohort 6, Feb 2023 to May 2023
  • Jon is very helpful in suggesting the pricing strategy and also shared a lot of material related to customer surveys. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the session

    Really appreciated Jon’s insight and advice as we muddle our way through with testing, pricing and launch. There’s a lot to consider and some considered feedback was very timely and appreciated.

    Thank you very much for listing our idea and explaining a few key terms and important aspects to look for the product.

    Blackbird Giants, Participants in Cohort 6, Feb 2023 to May 2023
  • Had a great chat with Jon! Super helpful, and insanely relevant skills & experience. Thanks Jon!

    I really appreciate that you asked pointed questions that got me thinking and rethinking. Not only did it expand my own understanding of my situation, but it also made me feel heard and I could trust the advice you were giving me was really tailored to my context. Also very much loved that in addition to personalised insights we could discuss a roadmap for my priorities right now which is everything especially while it’s still just me. Thank you so much

    Blackbird Giants, Participants in Cohort 6, Feb 2023 to May 2023
  • Jon was straight to the point and gave very specific industry advice. He has also already introduced me to people in my industry that I wouldn’t have been able to reach on my own. Extremely grateful to Jon.

    We liked the encouragement to back ourselves with a world first product that no-one believes is actually possible. We liked the principle of connecting in dollar terms the price of the product as a % of what we are saving the client. We liked that pricing is an investment + the endorsement of our pilot program + how to use the pilot review as a process to establish a price for the commercial product. Really good stuff. So damn good. Loved it! 

    Blackbird Giants, Participants in Cohort 7, Aug 2023 to Nov 2023 (1 of 2)
    • Asked lots of key questions that considered the detail of my questions and what resources would be good for me to learn from
    • Jon was generous with this time and knowledge. He is also sharing further resources later today. Thank you Jon for your guidance and time.
    • Jon explained the methods well and provided hands on examples
    • Jon has a clear and concise way of talking about pricing for a B2B product and a strategy to get there.
    • Brilliant knowledge
    • Good line of questioning. Gave useful resources also.
    • Insightful session with the mentor! 
    • Super knowledgeable, great use of resources, and then tailoring the resources to the specific use case. So good!
    Blackbird Giants, Participants in Cohort 7, Aug 2023 to Nov 2023 (2 of 2)

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