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  • Customers will never tell you you’re too cheap

    Jun, 23, 2017

    Making the transition to value-based pricing | Jon Manning in conversation with Anthony English There are a lot of service professionals who are frustrated at pricing their services based on timesheets, but they’re not sure how to transition out of it into value-based pricing. What’s a safe way to get started? So before I answer […]

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  • Time for a Pricing Spring Clean

    Aug, 22, 2016

    Five simple, but critical elements of a Pricing strategy The Thursday after next marks the start of Spring in Australia. Lawn mowers will be heard and barbecues will have their winter cobwebs blown away, in anticipation of sunny days just around the corner. These activities obviously beg the question: what would a Pricing Spring clean look […]

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  • The Cost of Changing Your Prices

    Jun, 05, 2016

    Watch those price changes There is no doubt that over the next couple of weeks, companies everywhere are going to be executing price changes as the new financial year approaches on the 1st July. This is a time for Pricing diligence. There are two types of costs associated with making price changes. The first are […]

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  • Value-Based Pricing is a Process, not a Project

    Mar, 20, 2016

      This article first appeared on the TrinityP3 blog on the 18th February 2013. Have you seen any changes in the advertising industry in the last three years? Why not comment below… In my post Advertising’s Slow Road to Value-Based Pricing, I talked about what Value-Based Pricing is, why companies are adopting it, and why advertising […]

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  • Price Right: Profits Right

    Mar, 03, 2016

    In Conversation: Jon Manning & Michael Hardiman Michael Hardiman runs a business called ZenBus Advisory, specializing in economic and demographic insights and forecasts for the retail industry and beyond. We sat down recently to discuss the intersection of his business and the world of Pricing. What follows is a transcript of that interview… Michael: Can […]

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  • Your next price increase isn’t going to stick. And here’s why…

    Feb, 23, 2016

    In Australia, the new financial year commences on the 1st July. Many companies use this as an opportunity (or an excuse) to increase their prices. After all, that’s what the Accountant, the Budget or the Business Plan (sometimes all three) says you should do. However, the changing of a day, from the 30th June to […]

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