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One of the 99 Pricing thought leaders to follow on LinkedIn


Earlier this month, the Berlin-based company 7Learnings listed me as one of its 99 Pricing Thought Leaders to follow on LinkedIn. I was very humbled by this announcement, and the first I knew about it was when I found a dozen or so request to connect with people on LinkedIn the morning after publication.

In his post, Felix Hoffman said

“As a pricing expert and co-founder of 7Learnings, I have compiled this exclusive list of the most engaging and impactful pricing thought leaders globally on LinkedIn. 

This list includes pricing executives from world-renowned companies, best-selling authors, and esteemed academia.

Our celebration of the top pricing leaders aims to promote the importance of constant learning and sharing of data-driven insights. 

I identified the top 99 pricing leaders who have made significant contributions to the pricing industry. My approach considered factors such as engagement rates, followers, and quality of content.

Join me in celebrating the global community of pricing leaders and their accomplishments. Give them a follow too.

The following is a list of key opinion leaders categorized according to their expertise in various industries. Please note that the numbering is not intended to rank them in any particular order”.

You can find out who the other 98 pricing thoughts leaders are by clicking here.


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