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How it Works?

How it Works & Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do & Why We Do It

What We Do?

PricingProphets has assembled a global panel of Pricing experts and thought-leaders to help you with the most important decision your business faces: your Pricing.

Why We Do It?

Most people in business frequently talk to their accountant and their lawyer. But why don’t they talk to a Pricing expert? Often, because they don’t know we exist, never mind that there are alternatives to the ‘traditional’ (and flawed) cost-plus approach to Pricing.

Pricing Research and dedicated Pricing staff are cost-prohibitive for all but the largest of companies, and pricing conferences, workshops and books focus on the general, not the specifics YOU want answers for.

How it Works

Using PricingProphets is Very Simple, as this graphic illustrates

  • w_expert_icon

    STEP 1

    Find an Expert

    You can search by industry and location.

    The first step is to find an expert. You can search for an expert by location or an industry of  expertise

  • w_product_icon

    STEP 2

    Choose a product

    Choose from one of three products that match the complexity of your pricing challenge(s)

    Our products are based on the number of questions you need answered, not the time taken to answer them:

    • “Discuss”: If you’ve only got 2 or 3 questions to ask, this is the ideal product for you
    • “Diagnose”: If you want to delve a little bit deeper into your pricing challenge, then our experts will answer 5 or 6 questions during this call
    • “Dissect”: If you’re really struggling with pricing, dissect it with this deep-dive into 8 or 9 critical pricing questions
  • w_detail_icon

    STEP 3

    Your Details

    We’ll need some details about your pricing challenge as well as some other information

    As you select your product, you’ll be prompted to give us details of your pricing challenges, as well as some other information (like how to contact you)

  • w_business_icon

    STEP 4

    Earn More Profit

    Get control of your pricing

    Within 48 hours your expert will be in touch, helping to make you business more profitable


Still not sure about something? Find the answer here…

What can I use PricingProphets for?

You can talk to the experts on PricingProphets about anything to do with pricing and value management, discounting strategies or containment, revenue or yield management, subscriptions plans, alternative pricing models, behavioral economics….the list just goes on and on…

How long does each telephone conversation last?

Telephone conversations generally take “as long as they need to” to answer your questions. Naturally, a “fair use” policy applies. But one thing we don’t want to do is charge you for our time, in six minute intervals. Thats why we price on the basis of value, namely answers to your questions.

How do I know your experts really are experts?

At PricingProphets, we take the quality of our experts seriously. All the experts on have been verified as experts in their respective fields, either by PricingProphets staff, or via a peer review. We also insist on the highest professional standards from our experts, who have all signed a code of conduct and non-disclosure agreement. The information you share with your expert are held in the strictest of confidence, and is not shared within or outside of PricingProphets.

What if I have more questions that I thought I did?

We’re the first to admit that, the deeper you delve into the fascinating and complex world of pricing, the more questions you’re likely to have. Our experts will provide answers to the questions you’ve asked, and possibly one or two more, at their discretion and subject to our “fair use” policy.

Can I have a follow-up conversation with the same expert?

Yes, of course you can. And naturally, we’d prefer you to arrange that on

How will the experts contact me?

The expert will initially make contact with you via email or phone, to make arrangements for the main conversation. Depending on mutually-agreeable platforms, that conversation make take place via a landline, cell/mobile phone, Skype, Viber, FaceTime or Google Hangout.

What about PricingProphet’s pricing?

The price we charge for conversations with our experts depends on the following:

  1. Which product you purchase (Discuss, Diagnose or Dissect);
  2. Which expert your choose (our more knowledgeable and experienced experts are dearer than the less experienced), and;
  3. Our on-going measures of customer satisfaction and value.

What all that means is our prices are dynamic, and may increase from one conversation to the next (…but not the way Uber’s pricing ‘surges’ up and down).

What if I’m having trouble finding an expert?

Please call or email us, and we’ll happily point you in the right direction.

Where has the other version of PricingProphets gone?

In the first version of PricingProphets, you could ask a panel or pricing experts and thought-leaders what price to charge and why. This version of PricingProphets expands the scope of the questions you can ask our experts…and you can still ask them what price they think you should charge.

What if I’m not happy with the answers provided by one of your experts?

Please call or email us so we can resolve any such issues, to everyone’s mutual advantage, as quickly as possible.

I’m interested in becoming an expert. What do I do?

Just call or email us and we’ll send you an Information Pack & Application Form.

What about confidentiality?

All of our experts accept terms and conditions and a code of conduct which respects client confidentiality, but feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

How do I pay for my “Discuss”, “Diagnose” or “Dissect” product or conversation?

We use PayPal for our payment gateway, which means you can pay by Visa, MasterCard and (surprisingly) PayPal. If you would like to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), select this option on the check-out page and our bank account details will be advised in our order confirmation email. Please note that if you pay via EFT, it may take a little longer to get the conversation started as we wait for funds from your bank to clear.

Who pays for the phone call?

We encourage you to make use of low or no-cost communication platforms, like Skype, Viber, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. Where this is not possible, and calls need to be conducted over landline or cellular / mobile networks, such calls should be initiated by the client.

What language(s) is the service available in?

At the moment, the working language of PricingProphets is English. However, if experts are fluent in another language, this will be listed on their profile. Alternatively, call us to check on the availability of experts speaking your required language.

Are their any restrictions on the types of products and industries I can talk to the experts about?

PricingProphets is not recommended for the pricing of real estate, commodities and minerals, financial instruments (like shares & options) or illicit and illegal products, activities and behaviors. Please contact us for a confidential discussion if you have any concerns along these lines.

What do the star ratings of experts mean?

This functionality is not being used at the moment. Until it is used, all experts will have a four (4) star rating.

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