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  • RIP Cost-Plus Pricing, April 2020

    Apr, 13, 2020

    There has never been a better reason to ditch cost-plus pricing than the health and economic crisis we are experiencing right now. Cost-plus pricing is traditionally defined as the pricing methodology where you add up all your costs, throw on a desired profit margin to the sum of those costs, then cross your fingers and […]

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  • Pricing in Difficult Economic Times

    Mar, 30, 2020

    Twelve years ago, when the GFC broke, I was firmly entrenched on the speaking circuit, running pricing workshops all the way from Melbourne to Mumbai, and all points in between. During the course of those workshops, a fair chunk of time was spent exploring what pricing opportunities, initiatives and strategies could be employed by businesses, […]

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  • When Pricing Research Meets Net Promotor Score

    Mar, 27, 2019

    There’s no such thing as a pricing laboratory. There’s only the real world to test prices in. So why bother with pricing research at all then? The simple answer is ‘because it’s better than nothing’. Pricing research can cost you a packet, or it can be dirt cheap. One of the easiest and cheapest methodologies […]

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