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  • Corporate Pricing Behaviour

    May, 05, 2023

      In my book, “Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification: Valuing and Monetizing Products and Services”, I ask the question “wouldn’t the right people to ask about inflationary pressures be pricing managers? They are the ones setting the prices of products and services”. Last month, Phillip Inman, writing in The (UK) Guardian (“Time to Take a Long Hard Look at […]

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  • Context is always more important than price

    Mar, 16, 2023

    This post has been on what I’d call “high rotation” on LinkedIn. Perhaps you’ve seen it…? Most readers will think about a post like this from the perspective of their own purchasing decision: it’s cheaper for me to buy coke from a supermarket than it is for me to buy it on a plane. What […]

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  • Usage-Based Pricing, Inflation and Shrinkflation

    Jun, 19, 2022

      In the course of my work, I come across important resources, writings and articles on the topic of Pricing. This post shares a few of those that recently caught my attention in mid-2022. I hope you find them as useful as I did. Usage-Based Pricing This 49-page eBook from Open View Partners explores how […]

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