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  • Kinky (Pricing) Curves

    Jun, 08, 2021

    Demand curves are not smooth; finding the inflection points (kinks) where price does influence demand is key to uncovering profit improvement opportunities.  Economists believe in nice, smooth demand curves. Many research tools do as well, based on the output they create. But that is not the reality: real demand curves have kinks, that is, steep […]

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  • Covid-19: A Crisis and an Opportunity for us to Revisit the Business Model.

    Dec, 05, 2020

      Covid-19 is Both a Crisis and an Opportunity for us to Revisit the Business Model. By James Yang We are all happy that 2020 will be soon behind us and looking forward to a better 2021. But with Covid-19 leaving so many scars in the market, many organisations are facing more uncertainties and challenges […]

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  • Value-Based Pricing for Start-Ups

    May, 24, 2020

    Ten years ago, I started running pricing workshops for start-up accelerators. As part of the meet-and-greet, I would ask entrepreneurs to describe their pricing model to me. Nine out of ten participants would reply with something along the lines of “Oh, we’re building an audience of Facebook Like / Twitter Followers / YouTube Subscribers….and we’ll […]

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  • Taking control of your pricing strategy and monetising value in the face of disruption

    May, 23, 2020

    In the midst of this current global crisis, we have seen a range of different behaviours from businesses in regard to pricing, ranging from price gouging, which can frustrate and alienate customers, through to heavy discounting which can start price wars and erode cashflow. In this article, I would like to highlight some key principles […]

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  • Dynamic Pricing: The Pricing Strategy for Ambitious E-Commerce Sellers

    May, 12, 2020

    Guest Blog Post by Martin Heubel of Consulterce Have you ever logged onto Amazon, found something you loved but didn’t want to buy it right that second? You put it in your cart and come back for it later. We all do it. It’s like a shopping list for the modern day. Of things we […]

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  • RIP Cost-Plus Pricing, April 2020

    Apr, 13, 2020

    There has never been a better reason to ditch cost-plus pricing than the health and economic crisis we are experiencing right now. Cost-plus pricing is traditionally defined as the pricing methodology where you add up all your costs, throw on a desired profit margin to the sum of those costs, then cross your fingers and […]

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